The primary aim of establishment of PIDC was to set up industries in such fields where the private sector was shy and where large amount of capital outlay with long gestation period was required.
Secondly, the object was to set up industries in such areas, which were backward with a view to creating employment opportunities and removal of regional disparities.


The operational strategy was to set up projects on a continuous basis and transfer them to the private sector after successful operation, thus promoting the development of the private sector.

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Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) is a name synonymous with the industrialization of Pakistan; it is a name without mention of which no discussion, review or analysis of industrial matrix could find any credibility. Indeed the entire spectrum of commerce and industry is rooted deep down to PIDC.

Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood

Federal Minister Industries and Production

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Mr. Aamir Ashraf Khawaja

Federal Secretary for Industries & Production

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Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Tabish

Chief Executive Officer PIDC

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