Agenda for the 106th Board Meeting Scheduled to be Held on Thursday, the 5th March, 2015 at 11:00 Hours in the Committee Room of MOI&P, Block-A, Pak Sectt., Islamabad.

  • Confirmation of the minutes of last (104th&105th) Board meetings.
  • Progress/follow-up of actions of last Board meeting.
  • Appointment of Company’s Auditors for the next financial year 2014-2015.
  • Approval of Notice & Agenda for holding Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company.
  • Presentation of PIDC Subsidiary Companies i.e.
  • Furniture Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Hunting Sporting Arms Dev. Co.
  • Aik HunarAik Nagar.
  • Appointment of New CEO, PIDC.
  • Recommendations of PIDC Board’s Committees:
  • R. Committee.
  • Audit Committee.
  • Finance Committee.
  • Business Plan / Promotion Committee.
  • Risk Management Committee.
  • Any other Business With the Permission of the Chair:
  • Remuneration of Members of Committees of the Board ofDirectors.
  • Request for Release of Funds for Furniture Pakistan.