Agenda for the 107th Board Meeting Scheduled to be Held on Friday, the 8th May, 2015 at 11:00 PIDC House, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi.

  • Confirmation of the minutes of last 106th Board Meeting, Comments received from Directors and Review the Agenda Item No.06 & 07, as per directives of the Chairman, PIDC Board.
  • Presentation of CEO, IFC regarding New IFC Building Project& Release of Funds.
  • Presentation of PIDC Subsidiary Companies i.e.
  • Furniture Pakistan – CFTMC Shifted from Gujrat to Sindh & Releaseof funds.
  • AikHunar Aik Nagar – Release of Funds.
  • National Industrial Parks Dev. & Management Co. – Release of Funds toNaushahroFeroze Industrial Park.
  • Sargodha Industrial Parks, Sargodha – Progress Report.
  • Administrative & Personnel Matters:- Promotion Cases of Two Senior Officers in Management Cadre.
  • Promotion Cases of Two Senior Officers in Management Cadre.
  • Provision of Cars on Written Down Value to Ex-GMs.
  • Reconstitution of PIDC Board’s Sub Committees and Remuneration to the Members.
  • To Review Status of Corporation House Land, situated at Lahore.
  • Disposal/Replacement of Old Vehicles
  • Any other Business With the Permission of the Chair.