Agenda for the 110th Board Meeting Scheduled to be Held on Friday, the 12th February, 2016 at 11.00 a.m at PIDC House, Karachi.

  • Confirmation of the minutes of last 109th Board Meeting held on 15thOctober, 2015.
  • Status of implementation of decisions of last Board Meeting.
  • Declaration of Mr. Shafqut-ur- Rehman Ranjha, Acting Chief Executive Officer, PIDC as Executive Director and Determination of Remuneration.
  • Approval of Revised PC-I – Naushero Feroze Industrial Park (NFIP).
  • Approval of the Board for Procurement of land for NFIP by NIP.
  • Release of balance payment to M/s. J. E. Austin Associates Inc. for Feasibility Study of Sports Goods Strategy Development.
  • Financial obligation of IFC for acquiring the share of the other shareholders by PIDC & NFC.
  • Arrangement of Funds against Payment of Mesne Profit to Private Co-Owners of RML Property for the period 1974 to 2006.
  • Immediate Funds Requirement – PASDEC.
  • Release of Funds for CFTC, Peshawar amounting to Rs. 18.32 million including 15% Escalation cost i.e. Rs.8.626 million.
  • Release of Funds for Capital Call for 3 rd & 4 th Quarter of F.Y. 2015-16 for Furniture Pakistan, CFTMC Peshawar, Chiniot & CEFWA Sargodah.
  • Funds Requirement of Rs. 60.0 million for Ceramics Development and Training Complex (CDTC), a Project of TUSDEC.
  • Extension of 03 years in the Implementation Period of Project “Establishment of Gems & Jewellery Training and Manufacturing Centre, Sargodha” Funded by PIDC.
  • Extension of time period for execution of approved project of SPEI “Training Research & Development Project, Multan”.
  • Repair & Maintenance of PIDC House.
  • Issue of Sub-Lease of KCIP to the licensee who had paid full amount to NIP.
  • To Review and approval of 1 st & 2 nd Quarter Accounts for the period ended 30 th September, 2015 and 31 st December, 2015.
  • Approval for scrapping 02 Regional Offices & HR Issues.
  • Any other Business With the Permission of the Chair.
  • TOR For Nomination Committee of PIDC.
  • Nomination For Board of Directors of PIDC.
  • Constitution of Special Audit, Inspection & Monitoring Committee in accordance with Sub-Rule (5) of Rule (5) of PSC (CG) Rules, 2013