Agenda for the 115th Board Meeting scheduled to be held on Monday, the 16th January, 2017 at 10:00 A.M. at PIDC House, Karachi.

  • Confirmation of the minutes of last (114th ) Board Meeting held on 28th November, 2016 at Islamabad.
  • Implementation Status of the Decisions taken in previous meeting.
  • Updates / Approvals.
  • Release of payment to IFC for New Building Project
  • Updates on Court Cases.
  • Recommendations of PIDC Board’s Audit Committee for review & approval.
  • Activity and Performance Report of CEO, PIDC(August – December, 2016)
  • Fees for attending meeting of the Inquiry Committee to probe/investigate important issues
  • Exploring untapped potential: Making resources work for industry facilitation:
  • Establishment of Industry Facilitation Centre and Commercial Tower on 1.5 acres land.
  • Multi-Story Office Building on 1050 sq.yards (Thread line Gallery Plot).
  • Establishment of Auto Parts Manufacturing Unit & Construction of Multi-Story Office Building on 17.85 acres.
  • Utilization of land of Bath Island plots on 7250 sq.yards.
  • Report on Meetings of CEO, PIDC with CEO, PASDEC, FP, AHAN & PHSADC.
  • Presentation by CEO, FP on future strategy and Business plan for Sargodha, Chiniot & Peshawar Centres.
  • Presentation by CEO, AHAN on ongoing projects and release of grant to meet day-to- day expenses.
  • Presentation by CEO, PHSADC to Operationalise the Company.
  • Any other Business with the permission of the Chair.