Dates Processing Plant




The Federal Government is undertaking a package for Southern Baluchistan’s Accelerated Development. As part of the plan, PIDC has been assigned the task of setting up Dates Processing, Packaging and Storage Plant in suitable areas of southern Baluchistan.

After conducting the field work and interviewing the stakeholders, the most feasible option was the creation of a date storage, processing and packaging plant to be located near Turbat city in district Kech on land provided free of cost by the Government of Baluchistan. The facility is proposed to have a capacity of processing dates at the rate of 2000 kg / hour with a 1500 mt cold storage with value added machinery for paste and syrup making. This plant will serve as a common facility centre for the region’s growers and traders.

The facility is expected to uplift the quality and quantity of processed dates being produced, ease farmers in doing business with other supply chain stakeholders and promotion of export from the region. The proposed project will introduce state of the art technology into the dates sector to reduce or eliminate the wastage of dates produced in the region and to maximize profit for local producers. The proposed facility will also be used to carry out further value addition techniques in future such as date paste and syrup.


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